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Asayra Thermal Hotel

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Thermal hotels preferred by holidaymakers in order to relieve work fatigue or stress of living in the big city, to take a comfortable breath and most importantly to reduce physical complaints, stand out with their other services as well as health tourism.



Rheumatism complaints, joint pains, skin diseases and a wide range of discomfort that you can think of the good and positive contributions are now accepted by all natural groundwater is in demand all over the world. Asayra Thermal Hotel, which has been prepared to benefit from the healing of the healthy and natural waters seen in the land of Aydin for thousands of years, is serving you four seasons.



Address: Davutlar Mahallesi Menderes Street No: 285 Guzelcamli Kusadasi 09430 Aydin

Tel: 0 256 223 04 34

E-Mail: info@asayratermal.com

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