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Bozdogan: Where Nature And History Come Together

The written history of Bozdogan begins in 13th century. Seljuk tribes began to take over some parts of Anatolia in these years and they took the region from the Byzantines in 14th century. Bozdogan was turned into a town by the Aydinogullari Principality and developed for military purposes. Later, when the Bey of Isaogullari Isa Bey declared his obedience to the Ottoman ruler Yildirim Beyazit, Bozdogan was attached to the Ottoman administration in 1390 with the “principality” .


During the Ottoman period, Bozdogan was namedas a district in 1879 with the administrative arrangement made after the Tanzimat. In the spring of 1919, the last Anatolian lands were occupied by the colonialist states that defeated Ottoman Empire by the First World War. The area around Aydin was encircled by Greeks and Italians. On May 27, 1919, the Greek troops occupied Aydin, Umurlu, Sultanhisar, Kosk and Atca. On June the 4th, Nazilli was occupied. Bozdogan is not occupied by the Greeks or Italians. However, the zeibek tradition and Efelik institution, which is the property of the region, showed the first resistance against the occupation of the enemy and formed the core of the Kuvayi Milliye spirit. Yoruk Ali and Demirci Mehmet, the famous efes of our region, used the Bozdogan environment as the center which was not occupied. Our heroic masters gathered the militia forces and gave the first national resistance in various fronts and regions.


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