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The oldest traces of settlement in our district have been found in the Destepe Mound located within the boundaries of Mimar Sinan Neighborhood and its history dates back to 4,500 BC.

This monumental structure known as “3 eyes” among the people because of its three-arched structure, it was originally the gate of an ancient sports school… Tralleis, founded by the Tiral tribes who migrated from Thrace around the 8th century BC, came under Roman rule in 192 BC. The fate of the city changed with the arrival of the Turks which remained under Roman rule until 395.

In the first quarter of the 14th century, the region was ruled by Aydinogullari Principality and was named as Aydin Guzelhisar during the Ottoman period.

One of the remarkable traditions of our district is one of the remarkable traditions of inn culture which is adorned with mosques, bridges, city walls, baths, fountains and mansions, which carries the deep-rooted cultural heritage of the past to the present day. Pointing to a high aesthetic understanding with its pointed arched entrance, large inner courtyard, wooden covered rooms, hearths and cupboard niches, Zincirli Han gives us an idea about the way of life in our district about three centuries ago.

Turkey’s first and only museum of mathematics inspired by our fellow citizens, one of the names is a pioneer of modern philosophy and science from Thales… That was where the hidden secret of Efeler’s sparkle. Looking to the future with the power of the past.


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