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Ethnography Museum

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The Ethnography Museum that provide information about the recent socio-cultural structure of Karacasu, one of the oldest settlements of Turkish culture and the whole region was opened in 2007.



The museum is located in a 500 square meter indoor space which is owned by the Municipality of Karacasu and allocated to the use of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. In addition to ethnographic artifacts compiled from different museums, some artifacts from the Karacasu region are also on display. The museum also has an exhibition arrangement that provides information on the traditional crafts of the region.

Address: Aydın Karacasu Yaylalı Mahallesi, Aydın, Türkiye

Tel: 0256 4488086

E-mail: afrodisyasmuzesi@kultur.gov.tr

Transportation: Bus number 302/215. Minibuses from Karacasu.


Opening Time: 08: 30

Closing Time: 17:00

Fee: Free

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