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Kanlıbahce Martyrdom Monument

  /  Kanlıbahce Martyrdom Monument

Turks and non-Muslim people in our lands have lived together fraternally and side by side for centuries. Germencik town of Aydin was such a place throughout history… However, during the War of Independence, with the occupation of the enemy, the sow discord was brought among two ancient friends. S oto speak they pit brother against brother. In those dramatic days, the enemy soldiers perpetrated, threatened, oppressed, persecuted, plundered and massacred the Turks.

On September 4-5, 1922, the enemy soldiers and local collaborators who were defeated by national forces and fled to Izmir, gathered around a hundred Turkish people who were hiding in their homes and gardens and they captured them. When they came to the place called Koc Well, they arranged some of them in front of the wall of the roof, cannonaded and bayoneted and made them in a welter of blood. They put some of them to the fig roof. They first shot and raked innocent people on the roof with rifles and then brutally threw bombs at them. The blood began to flow and spread into the garden. 94 Turkish people’s blood raddled the garden. More over to fiery…

This place where the savagery took place was called the Bloody Garden and it is now an exemplary place to visit.

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