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Karakaya/Karadere Cave

  /  Karakaya/Karadere Cave

Karakaya Cave is located within the boundaries of Karakaya village of Soke. A 45-minute drive from Soke district, you can first reach Karakaya village and then walk to the Karadere Cave where the storm god is portrayed with guides. The cave is 4 km away from Karakaya Village and can be reached in 2 hours on foot.

The rock paintings in Karadere Cave have unique figures specific to Latmos. Karadere Cave is very important for Anatolia that is thought to have gone back to 10,000 years ago which is considered as a natural sanctuary after Gobeklitepe. There are 12 figures in the paintings in Karadere Cave. It is seen that a single picture is immediately in the foreground. Placed in a natural niche in the rock, there are bull horns on its head, symbolizing the biggest god, the “God of Air”. Human figures with horns or horn masks have been known since the Paleotonic Period and are called horned gods, sorcerers or shamans in the literature. For this reason male figures in Karadere painting are interpreted as “Latmos Mountain Gods”.

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