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Karatepe Cemetery

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Karatepe Village Massacre of Kosk district was recorded as the largest civilian massacre in the region after the First World War with the support of the Allies. On the night of February 18, 1922, after the enemy forces surrounding the village of Karatepe were massacred by scanning a part of the villagers with guns, the majority of them were gathered in Sari Ahmetler Mosque and Sekiyurt Mosque and killed by machine guns. Then both mosques were set on fire. It was determined that 98 people were killed in Sari Ahmetler Mosque and 56 people were killed in Sekiyurt Mosque. In order to commemorate the martyrs in the village of Karatepe and to transfer this massacre to the next generations without forgetting, a martyrdom was built in the place where these great sufferings took place. Karatepe Cemetery commemorates the Martyrs’ Day every year which was built in 2007.

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