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Karıncalı Mountain Track

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Kahve Stream Plateau – Karincali Mountain Track

TrackName: Kahve Stream Plateau – Karincali Mountain Track

STARTING POINT: There are two starting points; the first one is the 20 km. Kızıllık Goleti Mevkii and the second one is the 14-15 km Ballipinar Plateau. Kizillik Goleti Mevkii 750 m altitude, Ballpinar Plateau has an altitude of about 1000 meters.

ENDPOINT: Kahvederesi Plateau.

DIFFICULTY LEVEL OF THE TRACK: The course consists of two parts. The 14 km section is a medium course and a 20 km long and challenging course.

FEATURE OF TRACK: 4-5 km of the track is a soft slippery ground along the creek edge, 4-5 km climb and the rest of the track consists of forest tracks.

RESTING PLACES: You can have the first break at the end of the creek climbing at Sumbullu Rock Plateau, the second break at a height of 1500 altitude before you start the peak climb of the Karıncalı Mountain. The big break must be made at the summit (tower) at an altitude of 1740. From the summit you will witness Madran Mountain, Hacetdede Mountain, Sandras Mountain and the magnificent views of Babadag. Its end is Kahvederesi Plateau with an altitude of 650 m.




Small and big waterfalls along the river will tell you a lullaby. If you go in the autumn leaves of plane and chestnut trees will cause you to take pictures of the postcard. Your lungs will feast as you descend from the paths between the larch and pine forests. If you go in the spring you can collect lamb belly, ivy and asparagus. If you go in winter you can have ants under the snow. For this reason, be careful against fog.



At the end of the walk, you can taste the Karacasu pitta bread in Karacasu city center and then visit the pottery workshops. Do not go back to Aphrodisias, without visiting the city of Caria, dating back 5,000 BC, which was included in the UNESCO Heritage List in 2017.

TRANSPORTATION: Karacasu is located on the border of Denizli, southeast of Aydın. The track is 40 km to Nazilli, 85 km to Aydin and 185 km to Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport.

LOGISTICS SUPPORT: Karacasu Gendarmerie: 0 256 441 24 34 66

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