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Latmos-Heraklia Track

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Latmos-Heraklia Track

Track Name: Bagarcik – Latmos Karia Road Track

STARTING POINT: The starting point is Bagarcik Mahallesi of Kocarli with an altitude of 650 m.

ENDPOINT: Heraklia Harbor or Kapikiri (Lake Bafa)

DIFFICULTY LEVEL OF THE TRACK: The track is 18 km long and tiring. (7.5 – 8 hours)

FEATURE OF TRACK: The 4 -5 km of the track includes gently climbing gneiss cliffs scattered between pine and maquis up to the crossing point of Bagarcik to Latmos mountains, the remaining descent and horizontal walking routes.

RESTINGPLACES: Take the first break at Latmos campground where you can make use of the fountains and toilets. The second break is the mountain crossing point at an altitude of about 1000 m. The third stop must be Cobanagillar Region, the fourth stop must be the cliffs where the pavement road starts entering the view of Lake Bafa.


Remember that you are walking on the old mass of Saruhan-Mentese from the time of I. (Paleozoic) period. You can feel like you’re on a film plateau among the strange shapes of hard gneisses of 200 million years and the pine nuts of the region from time to time. Latmos second after Kula Geopark is a geological area of ​​Turkey that may be.


The oldest road registered by the Macedonian king Pleistaikhas 23 which is assumed to have been built 2300 years ago en the Karia Way ’(Royal Road), you will follow the paving stones. During your walk, you can visit the Stylas Monastery (Arabian courtyard) located in the northwest of Bağarcık Quarter.

When you reach the hillside overlooking the Bafa Lake among the vegetation consisting of Ilgin, Olive and Red Pine, Bafa Lake and BuyukMenderes River Delta meet you.

In south of Lake Bafa there are lbira mountains and in the north there are Besparmak Mountains with its phenomenal appearance.

You can see the delta ecosystem on site with short and enjoyable botanical tours in spring. During the walk, you will see black head grasses, Bafa irises, wild anemone varieties, olive groves, hay trees, maquis and red pine forests. Hundreds of species of birds hosted by Lake Bafa, Akkuyruklu Eagle breeding in Besparmak Mountains, Pelican Pelican and Dwarf Cormorant will accompany you. In the east of lake there is Temple of Athena and Endymion, the Agora, the Turkish bath and the amphitheater. There is a Byzantine monastery on an island very close to the shore, and right next to it is a rock-cut tomb. The lake also has the ancient cities of Myus in the northwest and Aissessos in the southwest.

TRANSPORTATION: Kocarli-Bagarcik 38 km., Aydin-Bagarcik 58 km, Soke-Bagarcik 47 km, Milas-Bagarcik 41km. Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport is 155 km.


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