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Söke is a charming and powerful district with İzmir in the north, Didim and Muğla in the south, and Kuşadası in the west. Söke is established on fertile land at the last point of the Büyük Menderes Basin. B.C. Hittite civilization was the first central power to rule in Söke, which has been a settlement for 5000 years. When the Ionians took this place, it entered a new period and became an important settlement. Miletus, Didim, Priene, Heraklia and Magnesia were the Ionian cities that are still standing and admired today. After the Aydınoğulları Principality was founded, Süleyman Şah, the head of one of the Turkmen tribes, founded Söke in the name of his grandfather Söke Bey. It is written that the name of the region comes from here. Until the 18th century, Balat maintained its importance as the largest settlement in the district, and after this date, the city of Söke gradually came to the fore.


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