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What To Eat

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Journey to Taste

Aydin is is the homeland of figs and olives which are two fruits in all the holy boks. You can meet the delicious local delicacies while you head towards the heart of the Aegean with dazzling views.

The local cuisine that reflects rich and fertile nature, features original flavors of olive oil made from herbs and freshly produced vegetables.

The taste of skewer, cine meatballs and tandooris are now a classic tastes of Aydin.

In addition, you should not leave the city without tasting of Pasha Pastry and pumpkin dessert with tahini, which is unique to the region, snow halva, seasonal fish in Kusadasi and Didim, and delicious pitta breads made in Bozdogan or Yenipazar.

Tasting the most exquisite figs, fragrant strawberries, citrus and fig jams, various kinds of olives and olive oil in its most natural form will add flavor to your journey.

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