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Cine with its Meatballs, Ancient Cities and Kuva-i Milliye

Cine Stream, which gave its name to the district, has been the subject of the legend of Marsyas in mythology. According to the legend, the goddess Athena invented the first flute by making holes on the reeds that grew in a lake at the source of Buyuk Menderes Stream in the 4th millennium BC. Proud of her invention, Athena participates in a feast to perform in front of the gods. At the feast, when the gods mocked the way her face was playing the flute, Athena got angry and cursed the flute. Unaware of this, the shepherd Marsyas finds the flute as he walks through the countryside, starts to blow and admire its voice. Her fame reaches God Apollo in a short time. Apollo is also fond of music and is a master of lyre. Nobody dares to compete with him. Apollo is jealous of Marsyas’ reputation in music and invites him to compete in public. The competition is held on the foothills of Bozdag, in front of a public jury and a three-member jury chaired by the Phrygian King Midas. People applaud Marsyas and keep pace. King Midas is fair against the jury who is afraid of being punished and gives the game to Marsyas, which is counted as two points and they draw. Apollon gets very angry and hangs Marsyas on an olive tree and skins his body alive. It is said that the rocks that mourned the death of Marsyas cried to form the Sucikan rocks. According to another myth, the art fairies who are upset about Marsyas have cried so much that their tears flow through the mountains and form the Marsyas River.


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