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Snail City

The symbol of the Slow Cities Association, founded in Italy in 1999, is a snail. It is not so easy to have the snail symbol given to the member cities of the union. In order to become a Slow City, it is necessary to comply with more than 50 criteria such as cutting noise pollution and fast traffic, increasing green areas and pedestrian zones, supporting local farmers and those who sell these products, and protecting local aesthetic elements. Aydın’s Yenipazar district, which meets these criteria, is known as one of the few “Slow City” in Turkey.


Where Is Our County?

Yenipazar is the “single” Slow City located within the borders of Aydın, in the heart of the Aegean. Yenipazar, which is only 40 kilometers away from Aydın city center, spreads over an area of ​​approximately 180 square kilometers. Our district is located in the middle part of the Büyük Menderes Basin, towards the north, at the foot of Madran Baba Mountain, which is covered with forests.


At the Center of Rooted History

The vicinity of the Orthosia Ancient City, whose history dates back to 2000 BC, is known as the first settlement of Yenipazar. At the end of the 17th century, those gathered around a tribal chief named Cihanoğulları established a new settlement in the present place of Yenipazar. This newly established residential area developed as a small-scale market and trade place. This market functioned as a small new residential area for the people living in the surrounding villages and towns to sell their products. Over time, the settlement established here was called Yenipazar.


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