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From Cimsit’s Throne To Today

Information about the Kosk district which is only 18 km away from Aydin city center, can be found as a result of excavations and surveys in a wide area from the parts close to the Menderes River to the hills. According to the paintings and writings on some stones and rocks, the history of Kosk dates back to the Hittites. Evliya Celebi wrote in his book “Seyahatname“, “The throne of Cimsit was in Kosk ”. Again in the same work, the region as a result of the earthquake in 1653 because of the people in the “Gocuk” is said that the word has become the Kosk over time. In the map dated 1530 in William John Hamilton’s book “Asia Minor which draws attention with his in-depth knowledge of Anatolia, the district’s name is referred to as Kosk.

Civilization Gateway

According to the researches, Kosk, which has the traces of many civilizations lived in the Hittite, Phrygian, Lydian, Persian, Roman and Byzantine periods and then came under the sovereignty of Seljuks and Ottomans. In the years of the First World War and the National Struggle, the region where the toughest and most brutal events took place was saved from the occupation on 6 September 1922 thanks to the superior efforts and patriotism of efe and zeibeks. For this reason, September 6 is celebrated as the “Independence Day’ of the Kosk with various ceremonies. The first information about the history of the region is obtained from the ruins in the mound and cave left by the Hittites and the annuals of the kings.

Thousand Years Turkish Homeland

Kosk and its environs remained under the Byzantine rule after the Roman Empire was divided into two in 395 and continued until the influx of Seljuks in Anatolia. In the 11th century, Aydinogullari captured the Aegean coast and took control of the region. Although the region changed hands between Crusaders and Turks in time, with the help of the first Turkish Admiral Caka Bey, the Anatolian Seljuks conquered the region again (1176-1177). With the weakening of Anatolian Seljuk rule, Mentese and Germiyan Principalities were established in the region. Yakup Bey, the ruler of Germiyanogullari, sent Aydinoglu Mehmet Bey to the region. Mehmet Bey who conquared Birgi in 1307, Mehmet Bey married Birgi Bey’s daughter and enabled him to join the Aydinogullari with his soldiers and lands. When his son Suleyman Sah married with the daughter of Mentes Bey, Karacasu, Bozdogan, Atca, Sultanhisar, Umurlu and the region became dominated by Aydinoglu Mehmet Bey. Kosk became a district with the law adopted on 9 May 1990 which changed hands many times throughout the history.


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