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Wonderful routes with history at the weekend are waiting for us in Aydın. Lets…


Our first stop in the morning is Güllübahçe. First, we have an enormous breakfast in the company of St. Nicholas, aka Santa’s church. After a rich and satisfying breakfast, we go to the ancient city of Priene, which is not far away, and we buy souvenirs so that you will always remember this beautiful tour. After getting information about our ancient city, which is wonderful with its history and nature, we go to Doğanbey Village. The photos we take in the streets of this village, which fascinates with its architecture, immortalize this moment. we become immortal. Then I would like to take you to Karina. You can’t go here without eating fish by the lake. Against the wonderful view, we will feed both our stomachs and our souls with you. On the other hand, we have many reasons to go to the ancient city of Miletus when we are so close. I recommend you to see the protected natural area right next to it, because this is where the road ends. Afterwards, I send you off with the sweet tiredness of having had such a beautiful day. Don’t forget to bring a hat with you when I ask you to. Especially in summer because the sun will always be above us.  🙂

Afrodisias- Yenipazar – Yoruk Ali Efe

For example, what if we had a delicious breakfast at Atça Golbası?

We’re going to be traveling so much during the day that I want to make sure you store your energy first. Afterwards, we will set out with you to the ancient city of Aphrodisias. This is a wonderful ancient city. You should also see the museum, which carries examples from the city’s epic history and rich culture. When we leave the museum, rest assured that we will be thinking about lunch. At the end of a small journey, we arrive in Yenipazar. Here, we taste the legendary Yenipazar Pide and buttermilk with lots of foam. Then we will visit the museum where the tomb of Yörük Ali Efe is located. When our trip is over, I will send you off with the comfort of knowing that we will meet again on new routes. Until then, goodbye.

Arpaz Kalesi – Arapapıstı Canyon- Bozdogan Kemer

Bozdogan Kemer Dam is located here. I don’t know if you’ve seen it before. It’s like a mirage hidden among the mountains. This is exactly where I said we should have our breakfast. After having our breakfast, let’s go towards Arapapıştı Canyon. Maybe we can take a boat tour in the canyon. But no matter what we do, let’s move on to Arpaz Castle, our next place of visit, after taking our selfie against the magnificent view of the special color of the water of the canyon from the moment we step into the canyon. The structure of the castle resembles a mansion, security tower or granary. Castle II. It is named after him because it was built by Arpazlı Hacı Hasan Bey during the reign of Mahmut II. When visiting the castle and listening to its story, one understands better why a special time should be reserved for this place. Then I will bid you farewell by wishing you to sail to new horizons.

Kirazlı/Agaclı-Kusadası Kadı Castle-Guvercinada-Degirmen Zeytinyagı Museum

First, let’s have a village breakfast in one of the most authentic places that bring all kinds of flavors to the tables in Kirazlı, one of our cutest villages. You can choose the venue with your eyes closed. Because all of them are tables to go and sit. Then we will drive to Kusadasi. First, we will start from our furthest stop and visit the Değirmen Olive Oil Museum. This is one of Turkey’s largest olive oil museums. You will find this place worth seeing in order to learn the story of the olive, which is the subject of the holy books and legends. Then we will turn our route towards the center of Kuşadası and go to Kadıkalesi, which has been added to the list of places frequented by Turkey. This place is also known as Anaia Ancient City or Anaia Port Castle. After visiting this castle, which has been the subject of dusty pages of history, we will move to the center of Kuşadası. Here we will go to Güvercinada and sip our teas against the unique view. And we will say goodbye to dreams of new trips that we will look forward to seeing again.

Kavsit Yaylası Kahvaltı-Cine Kuvay-ı Milliye Museum-Cine Koftesi-Karpuzlu- Alinda

We will go to Kavşit Plateau, which will turn our heads with the abundance of oxygen, to have our breakfast in the morning. Here we will have a breakfast that our stomach will feast on. I’m sure we wouldn’t want to leave the plateau. Then we will go to Çine Kuvay-i Milliye Park and visit Çine Military Branch, now known as Kuva-i Milliye Museum, which bears the same name as the park and was used as a gathering place in the War of Independence. We will listen to the valor of our Efes and their epic liberation struggles against the enemy. Will the legends of Çine end with these? Of course not Then we will set out for Alinda Ancient City in Karpuzlu district. This ancient city will impress you with the size of its ruins and the view of the Karpuzlu Plain that stretches as far as the eye can see. I will send you on a journey with images you can’t get out of your mind, I hope to open up to new legendary routes.

Latmos-Bafa Lake-Sercin Didim Apollo

In the morning, we will have our breakfast by the Bafa Lake, with a view that fell from heaven to earth. Then, the Beşparmak Mountains, with its ancient name Latmos, stretching from west to east with all its mystery and majesty in the unique lands of Anatolia, will be our next stop. After Latmos, a perfect place where history meets nature, we will go to Serçin, where new visitors come every day. Then, with the effect of getting closer to the clear waters of the Aegean, we will pass to Didim. Together we will visit the Temple of Apollo, which is worth seeing in the center. While you are here, you will often hear phrases such as “According to legend, God Apollo once came across Brankhos, who was a shepherd in the Didyma region…”. While we’re here, we’ll say it’s time to cool off and meet the sea, sand and sun trio at the world-famous Altinkum Beach. We will drink our tired coffee in the unique view of the sea, which hides the stolen blue from the sky in its heart, and I will send you on a journey with the hope that it will be remembered for forty years.

Sultanhisar/ Nysa – Tarihi Kavaklı Koyu – Kosk Ovacık Yaylası

As I greet you in the morning, we will take our breath away in Sultanhisar. We will have our breakfast in the place that takes its name from the ancient city of Nysa. Then we will walk step by step the Nysa Ancient City of time. Then we set out for the historical Kavaklı Village. We will not be able to visit the village market and finish the products grown and brought to the market by the local people, knowing that they are organic. After Kavaklı Village, which is also the village of Yörük Ali Efe, we will go to Köşk Ovacık Plateau. We will have pleasant conversations with you while you take a breather in the highland, where the oxygen rate is very high. Then I will send you on a journey with my best wishes.

Magnesia- Ortaklar – Kusadası

When we manage to get up from the delicious breakfast table that you can easily find in dozens of villages on different routes along the way, we will head towards Kuşadası, a popular district in the country’s tourism. When you look from the top, you will see the flagged beaches embracing the sea and the residents enjoying a quiet life in this beauty. The road will take you to Güzelçamlı National Park. Here, you will have a wonderful day in the wonderful nature of Dilek Peninsula, whether you want to swim in a bay or take a walk. On the way back, we visit the Cave of Zeus. On our way back to the center of Aydın, we take a break to pamper ourselves with the famous Ortaklar Trash Shish, then visit the Magnesia Ancient City, which welcomes us on our way, and end our tour, where we saw a lot in a short time. Hoping to meet you on new routes, where we discover new places and new tastes of Aydın, which cannot be finished with tours.

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