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Comes from plain…

Karpuzlu is mentioned as Demircidere village in the records of the first years of the Republic. It is believed that the name of the area was given to Demircidere from several forging shops near the stream next to the village. At that time, the population of villages such as Abak, Ulukonak, Golcuk, Omerler and Tekeler is more than Demircidere. The name of Demircidere village was changed to Karpuzlu in 1971 when the town became a municipality. It is known that the name Karpuzlu comes from the plain. The name of the place which is now called Karpuzlu Plain, was called with the same name before.


Rich Cultural Texture

In addition to its historical richness, our district has a colorful cultural texture that attracts visitors. For example, although the settlements of our district are only a few kilometers away from each other, the accentof one village is not similar to the other.

The cultural diversity of our region reveals not only in daily language but also in Karpuzlu villages, from clothing to customs and table traditions. In addition, the village markets in Karpuzlu, especially in Tekeler village, attract attention with its organic fruits and vegetables and product variety.

History of Our District

Since the early ages Karpuzlu has cradled different civilizations. One of the many civilizations that inhabited our district was the Carians. Historians show the 4,000s BC as the first time the Carians began to be seen in our region. This community which mainly comes from different points of Anatolia and Greece continued to walk westward towards the Aegean Sea after establishing some settlements in the region. Some of the Carians who migrated at various times returned to the east of the Aegean in the 3rd millennium BC and settled in our region and established cities. The Carians used to speak their native language. Although there are tablets written in Carian in our region and on the shores of Egypt, this language is still unresolved. While researching the history of Karpuzlu you should not forget: Karpuzlu is a new district and a new settlement. After Alinda, no other settlement of this scale could be established in the region. Therefore, when examining the history of Karpuzlu district, it is necessary to examine with Cine or Alinda.


It is known that there are families of Cretan origin (such as Omerler and Ulukonak) in some villages of our district which has migrated from various regions in the last 150 years of the Ottoman period. On the other hand, one of the Yoruk tribes deployed in the region with the Ottoman Edict is the Hatipkısla village founded by the tribes of the Hayta Yoruk Tribe. This village is completely settled today. In addition, an arm of the Bitti tribe of the Karatepe Tribe was also settled in Guney.


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