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Village Markets

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One of the must-see values ​​of Aydin is the village market. It would be a great loss to leave Aydin without going to a local market. We recommend you to grab your bag and go to the market that day without getting tired, you will see that it is worth it. Almost every day you can find a market in a neighborhood in the center of Aydin, in villages or districts. Do not undderrate market; these markets are like a feast in Aydin.



All producers and farmers in the surrounding villages come to Aydin to sell the products they produce or meet their needs. Market places in Aydin have a special importance. you will find the most natural vegetables and fruits, different herbs and products you don’t think ofin the markets. You may come across a grass, mushroom, vegetable you have never seen before in a corner of the market; you can get all the information about this product from aunts and uncles.

Some Aegean beauties you may encounter in the market are: olives, olive oil, olive oil soap, thyme, laurel, dried figs, blessed thistle, baby’s tears, asparagus, ivy, cintar, sea bean, pea, okra, seasonal fruits and so on.




Some of the markets in Aydin are as follows;

Tuesday Market

Saturday Market

Sunday Market

Wednesday Market

Cakirbeyli Village Market (On Sunday)

Kavakli Village Market (On Sunday)

Soke Market / Gullubahce Village Market

Nazili Market

Cine Thursday Market



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