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Incirliova is established on a spacious area of 185 thousand decares which serves as a cultural and fertility bridge between Aydin city center and Tire district of Izmir. The history of the district is integral to the city of Aydin due to its geographical proximity.

The first settlement founded in the 15th century by a group of people coming from the Ahi community period in Saraycukuru (Kazmacukuru) locates the oldest known traces of Incirliova history.

With its rich water resources of the region in the Ottoman period here was called as “Karapinar”. As in the State Archives of the Republic of Turkey have a number of substantial number of documents about the district, it is indicative of the deep roots of history Incirliova.

Fate-Changing Railway

The actual development of Incirliova started with the construction of the Aydin – Izmir railway. The railway which caused the agricultural wealth and cultural assets of Izmir and its hinterland to be carried to the west, it was effective in the transformation of Incirliova.

The First Mayor Anistas Efendi

Incirliova became a district in 1867 and became municipality in 1898 where population rapidly increased in the second half of the 19th century. The first mayor was Anistas Efendi, of Greek origin. As a result of the increase in the number of non-Muslims in those years, the church building was built where the current municipal cinema was.

First Cooperative

A cooperative was established in order to prevent unfair activities against foreign traders and domestic producers operating in Incirliova in the end of 1913. The first cooperative in the Ottoman Empire was called “Ottoman Anonymous Aydin Himaye-i Zurra…

Then, on August 21, 1915, the producers of the Aegean Region were organized in line with the principles of cooperatives as a branch of the National Aydin Bank under the name of “Aydin Fig Producer Incorporated Company”. This date is accepted as the date of establishment of TARIS.


First Great Turkish Monument

In Incirliova it was decided by the city council to build an Ataturk Monument as a symbol of the National Struggle which was held on September 7, 1922, on the same day as the liberation from the enemy occupation. This monument was opened on 9th of March in1988 by Tankut Oktem. The most important feature of this work is that it is Turkish construction with everything and it is first great monument in Turkey.


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