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  /  Kuyucak

Our district was established on fertile soils which is located in Buyuk Menderes Plain. Fig and olive production is extremely common. Observation of the Mediterranean climate has brought diversity in agricultural products in the region. Cotton and other agricultural products are grown on the plain, Fruit growing on the slopes of the cone (citrus, plum, apricot), figs and olives are grown on the irrigated slopes. When you go to a little higher heights, summer vegetables are tomatoes, beans, kidney beans, potatoes and industrial plants with products such as tobacco and apples.

Two and three crops will be done in agricultural areas.

Buyuk Menderes is the lifeblood of Kuyucak Plain. Fertile plain watered by Menderes waters.

The sensitivity of the species in citrus fruits towards climate is different. For this reason, more oranges and tangerines are grown in the region. Kuyucak is a center for nursery Cultivation of Citrus Plants


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