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Read The History Of Aydın

Valley of Civilizations

Aydin which known as “Civilization Valley” with its fertile soil and favorable climate conditions in Buyuk Menderes, an open-air museum with its many cultural and natural heritage which makes it among the major cities of Turkey today. According to the researches, the known history of Aydin goes back to 4500 BC. The first historical information of Aydin announced in the Hittite sources which has been the center of many civilizations in history, established by the Argos and Thracian tribes.

Aydin was called “Ceasarec until the end of the period of the Roman Emperor Nero which changed hands frequently among various tribes and civilizations and 1st century AD, it was called Tralleis. In 84 BCEit connected to Rome again. It was damaged by an earthquake in 26 BC and it was repaired with the help of Emperor Augustus. Its name was changed to Caesarea.

Notably Tralleis, Aphrodisias, Miletos, Alinda, Alabanda, Nysa, Magnesia, Amyzon, Panionion, Neopolis, Mastaura, Antiochia, Gerga, Akharaka, Harpasa, Piginda, Orthosia, Phygela extinct cities were established in the region. The city passed into the hands of the Turks in the 12th century which was the center of the bishopric when it was under Byzantine rule. The Turks later changed the name of the city to Guzelhisar with the beauty of its location and living conditions. Later, the city passed to the administration of Aydinogullari, over time, this name has been called as Aydin protects this name until today.

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