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Atca Comakli Mertyrs Memorial

  /  Atca Comakli Mertyrs Memorial

At the Atca-Comakli Plain, “Atca Martyrs Memorial” was built by Abbas Bey’s brother Huseyin Bey for 15 martyrs on 20.02.1946 which is located in Sultanhisar district of Aydin. 15 people in Atcalı were taken from their homes by the enemy soldiers in the midnight of 24 April 1921 on the days of the occupation before the Republic and firstly brought Bayramyeri Mosque. Then they were secretly taken to the locality of Comaklı Plain and brutally massacred with rows and bayonets. Only three people survived this savagery and others were martyred. This meaningful monument was erected to commemorate our ancestors who were martyred in those days with gratitude and gratitude.



The monument is in the form of a five-digit pyramid. In its inscription that is written; ‘Turkish Youth! There are innocent brothers who were martyred and killed by the Greeks in Atca Plain on 24 April 1921”. The monument was restored in 1946, and in 2005 last arragement was made.

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