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Bey Mosque

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Bey Mosque (Suleyman Bey Mosque)

Bey Mosque, one of Aydin’s magnificent mosques, is located near the station building. This great building, also known as Suleyman Bey Mosque, was learned from Suleyman Bey’s foundation in 1683, when it was built by Suleyman Bey who is the grandson of Uveys Pasazade Mehmet Bey and the son of the Algerian Governor Mustafa Pasha.

This square mosque in a courtyard thought to have been built by one of Architect Sinan’s journeymen, it is made of cut stone and has a single dome. Its dome is mounted on a 16-angled pulley on two-stage body walls. The windows that illuminate the mosque are located on the walls and pulley. A narrow staircase leads to the women’s quarters. Decorations in the dome XVII. century style has been renewed.



The altar made of cut stone is plain and the marble pulpit is embroidered under the stairs. The minaret with a single balcony has multiple sides. The minaret of the mosque was destroyed in the earthquake of 1899 and the parts of the mosque were renovated. However, this regeneration is far from the original state. The minaret, which was destroyed during the Greek occupation, was repaired with the mosque in 1954-1956 and it was tried to be restored to its original state.


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