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Cihanoglu Mosque

  /  Cihanoglu Mosque

It is the mosque inside the Cihanoglu Complex built in the baroque style that dominated the Ottoman architecture in the second half of the 18th century.

The mosque is accessed by a 15-step ladder. The last congregation was covered with three domes on four round columns. The entrance door is surrounded by marble jambs. There is a construction inscription dated m.c 1170 (1756) on this door.


The place of worship is illuminated with three rows of windows. It is decorated with medallions and floral motifs in baroque style. These include animal motifs. Seated on a high base, the mosque was used as a bazaar.



In front of the mihrab wall is the square-domed Cihanoglu dispenser.

The madrasah near it was repaired in 1954 and it became the Foundations Student Dormitory. It was used as a warehouse during World War I, it damaged during the Greek occupation and repaired in 1950 and 1967.

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