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Hasan Celebi Mosque

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Hasan Celebi Mosque (Old-New Mosque)


Hasan Celebi Mosque is located on West Gazi Boulevard in Hasan Efendi Neighborhood which was thought to have been built by Kadi Muhiddin Efendi’s other son Hasan Celebi in the 16th century. It is also known as Old-New Mosque among the people. The mosque in Avlu has a square plan and a single domed sanctuary. To the north is a last congregation with three sections and covered with domes and a minaret at the northern end of the western facade. It is located to the north of the courtyard. The building was built of cut stone and was renovated in 1950. The facades have rectangular shaped windows with pointed arched pediments. The entrance to the north leads to the harim. The dome is accessed by trumps. The mihrab is marble. The decorations of the mosque are concentrated in the mihrab.


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