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Lion (Yaren) Cave

  /  Lion (Yaren) Cave

Aslanli Cave is located on the Kirazli Village Plateau which is located at the borders of Kusadasi district. To go to the Lion Cave you need to take a half-hour walk from Kirazli and get off the vehicle at the 3rd kilometer of Kusadasi road in Derebogazi locality.

The total length is 110 m. The cave is partly vertical and partly horizontal. It is a dry cave. The temperature in October is 18ºC. It was formed within Mesozoic dolomitic marbles and on a large fault. After a steep descent of 6 m, the cave descends roughly 26 degrees westward along a large fault in the east-west direction, after 40 meters the cave expands further and the floor becomes a sloping hall. The floor of the hall is covered with muddy soil and rock blocks falling from the ceiling.

Stalactites and stalagmites, curtains and flag travertines were formed on the walls. One of the stalagmites is named after the appearance of a sitting lion.

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