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Amateur Fishing

Handline Fishing in Aydin: More power to you!

Aydin is one of the most popular cities in the Aegean after İzmir in terms of amateur fishing. Didim, Kazikli, Kusadasi, such as coasts and open pastures and bearings are very nice hunting can be done. The diversity of these coastal fish offers tremendous fishing opportunities. It is possible to catch all kinds of Aegean fish from the Aydin seas.

There are many areas in Aydın for hunting outdoors. Even dozens of fishing tours are organized every day. Darbogaz is the most intense region. Here you can hunt aerial coral and chupra in the dense flowing sea. Both on the coast and in the open hunting tours are very fertile in certain seasons of the year.

Especially the fishing goers who want to unfold from the shore will be satisfied in every aspect of Kazikli and Altinkum.

Handline Fishing Places in Aydin:








And many more hidden bays

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