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Rock Climbing

Newly Discovered Rock Paradise For Rock Climbing (Bouldering): Bafa and Latmos

Bouldering (short rock climbing) is the subbranch of mountaineering.

The largest rock climbing area in our country is located around Lake Bafa in the Besparmak Mountains (Latmos).

Besparmak Mountains (Latmos) is one of the biggest rock fallout in the world in terms of bouldering area. One end extends to Aydın in the north and the other end to Muğla in the south. The rock structure is known as granite and eyed gneiss.


This area has a significant value for climbers who want to do bouldering and improve themselves.

Lake Bafa is located at the foot of the Latmos Mountains. At the southern end of the lake you are suddenly surrounded by an endless view of granite hidden in Heraklia.

Bafa is perfect in all seasons, but in July and August the rocks can overheat. In winter, it may rain occasionally, but due to the sparse vegetation inside the blocks, the rocks dry incredibly quickly.

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