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Make Selfie In Kusadasi Against With Guvercinada

  /  Make Selfie In Kusadasi Against With Guvercinada

The sinuate road curving between the hills covered with olive groves brings tourists to the stunning coast of Kusadasi. Lace-like shores reflecting the wonderful harmony of blue and green, history and nature make visitors very happy. Here is the symbol and auspiciousness of Kusadasi, Guvercinada is right here! The island is like an image that comes out of film frames with its castle built on rocks… which is connected to the beach by elongated lank breakwater. This district is one of Turkey’s leading sea port was one of the busiest ports in the Anatolian coast in ancient times. And it was always beautiful… Perhaps that is why, the historian Herodotus’ favorite, the mythological god Zeus was called as a stopover place and continues to be remembered in many sources.

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