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Miletus Museum Directorate is located in Miletus Ancient City, near Balat village of Didim district. Static structure of the museum building has deteriorated in time which was opened in 1973. The museum was closed to visit due to posing danger to loss of life and property.

After the closure of the old museum building, works were started for the construction of the new museum building and the new museum building, which has a usage area of 1200 square meters, was opened to visitors in May 2011.



Miletus Museum exhibition areas garden display and indoor display. The lion statues, inscriptions, grave steles, sarcophagi, architectural elements and column capitals, which are the symbols of Miletus, are exhibited in the garden display.

The indoor exhibition area is located within the museum administrative building. Miletus Antique City, Priene Ancient City and Didim Temple of Apollo are exhibited in an area of approximately 600 square meters. Belonging to the ancient city of Miletus; Animation Minoan Period (20-15th century BC) Cuisine, Minoan Period finds, Zeytintepe, Archaic Aphrodite Sanctuary finds, Gacartepe grave finds. The “Holy Way” finds from the ancient city of Miletus to the Temple of Apollo in Didim and the votive items of the Temple of Apollo are in the exhibition hall.



Coins, ornaments, glass bottles, bronze items and figurines, terracotta items and Ilyas Bey Mosque dated to Menteseogluları Principality are among the exhibits in the interior showcases.

Adsress: Aydın Didim Balat Mahallesi

Tel: 02568755206

E mail: miletmuzesi@kultur.gov.tr

Transportation: 603/273 no’lu otobüsleri.


Opening time: 08:30

Closing time: 16:15 / In summer: 19:30

Price: 14 TL

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