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Ramazan Pasa Mosque

  /  Ramazan Pasa Mosque

Ramazan Pasha who was the brother of Uveys Pasha, had built self titled Ramazan Pasha Mosque in 1595. The mosque was completely destroyed in the 1899 earthquake. Sokeli Halil Pasha built the mosque which has survived to the present day, and it is distant from its originality and has a complex style. Although it was wanted to benefit from European architecture, it was not successful in this. The mosque is square and made of cut stone. The round windows on the dome pulley are surrounded by baroque folds. The wooden entrance door is decorated with carvings. The structure is covered with a large dome. Ten long windows and small windows in the form of water droplets illuminate the interior, reminiscent of the baroque style. Gypsum reliefs, colored glass craftsmanship and wood carving are important in terms of decorations. The interior decoration of the mosque is completely baroque. During the War of Independence, the resistance meeting was held in this mosque on May 22, 1919.



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