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Cihanoglu Social Complex

  /  Cihanoglu Social Complex

It is located in the city center. The mosque, madrasah, tomb, fountain and a complex consisting of a fountain was established in 1756-57 years by Aydin / Kocarli-Nazilli, a family that lived in the Cihanogullari Muderris Abdulaziz Efendi (1736-1783). Although the style of classical Ottoman architecture is dominant in its design, it is also a complex with baroque style dominating Ottoman architecture towards the end of the 18th century with its ornaments in mosques and fountains.


 The mosque was built in two floors due to the sloping land. The lower floor was used for warehouse, orchard etc. The mosque, which has a square plan and single-domed mosques, has the last congregation place to the north. It is one of the most important examples of Baroque style applied in Western Anatolia with its marble fountain and ornaments in the harim. Hearth chimneys of the U-planned madrasah reveal aesthetics with different applications. The fountain and the dispenser are remarkable with their Baroque decorations like the mosque.



The complex remained unusable until the 1950s which had been severely damaged during the Greek occupation.

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