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Cihanzade Mustafa Bey Mosque

  /  Cihanzade Mustafa Bey Mosque


Cihanzade Mustafa Bey Mosque (Cihanoğlu Mosque)

This work, which was brought to Western Anatolia by the Cihanoğulları family, is also known as the Hacı Mustafa Ağa Mosque. It is the oldest mosque of Koçarlı district. Its first construction was carried out by İbrahim Bey, from Cihanoğulları, and his son Mustafa Ağa provided the main repair of the work in 1834-1835.




Its fountain, U-shaped portico, ornaments in its harim and tombstones in its graveyard are very important. The wall paintings (descriptions of sailboats, city inside the castle, well, mosque, windmill, mansion, tree) made by the masters from the islands up to the skirt of the dome of the harim are eye-catching. Its mihrab has baroque decorations. Above the mihrab, there is a panoramic view of the surroundings of Mecca (Kaaba). Baroque decorations can also be seen on the minbar made of marble. In addition, compositions containing different subjects were depicted on the walls of the mosque. It is possible to see handwork on the door, window and ceiling of the mosque.



The mosque was built in a square plan and 2 meters above the ground. Depending on the elevation, there is a two-way and 11-step staircase in the front portico. In front of the staircase, there are 8 fountains (a place for ablution) in a semi-circular shape. Marbles decorated with various motifs were used as covering on this fountain. There is a small and neglected cemetery to the west of the mosque. In this cemetery, there are the graves of some people from Cihanoğulları and some religious officials who served in the mosque.

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