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Flora Garden Ephesus Hotel

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You are in the right place to enjoy thesunset with its unique natural beauty. Enjoy the mego under the star-filled sky while relaxing with eucalyptus trees.



Flora Garden Ephesus is designed with a special concept that takes both families with children and couples looking for a romantic holiday. Small ladies and gentlemen can dine at the open buffet prepared according to their tastes and interests. Slides, children’s pool, children’s playground, fun and safe activities await families with children.


One of the most outstanding features of our hotel for adults is the 60-meter long private pool. You can enjoy swimming in and from your room,which is ideal for couples who want to spend a peaceful and quiet holiday away from others.

Flora Garden Ephesus Hotel, which enlivenes with live music and local shows at night, wants to make sure that its guests enjoy every hour.

Consisting of flora and garden buildings, the hotel aims to serve individually as opposed to traditional holiday understanding. The property is designed for families with children and couples for serving a romantic holiday.




Address: 240 482 Davutlar Mah. Adnan Kahveci Cad. No: 73 KUSADASI AYDIN

Tel: 0 256 681 1000

Web E-Mail: info.ephesus@floragardenhotels.com

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