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Bird Watching

Lake Bafa; Dilek Peninsula Menderes Delta, Sercin Lake, Azap Lake and Karina Lagoon with is a gigantic natural park area integrated with each other carries the distinction of being one of the most ideal areas in Turkey for bird watching.

It includes 261 species of birds and waterfowl in terms of potential, in the near future, in the sense that Turkey’s official, is likely to be one of the important Ramsar Places.

This area, which had the characteristic of “flood plain” in the past, contains the ecosystem features of Buyuk Menderes Delta today and provides breeding and wintering environments for many endangered bird species.



The Kasikci Bird, which is under the danger of extinction in the world, breeds in the islets of the lake and the White-tailed Eagle breeds in the Besparmak Mountains adjacent to the lake.

Birds such as Little Grebe, Alcyones, Cormorant, Little Cormorant, Dalmatian Pelican, Gadwall, Pochard, Glareolidae, Spur-Winged Plover, Coot and Flamingo come to shelter in the lake in winter.

Stormy petrel, one of Europe’s smallest marine birds (Hidrobates pelagicus) is observed only in Didim in Turkey during the summer.




Stormy petrel which chooses the open seas and oceans as its habitat, and the northern parts of the Mediterranean Sea such as Spain, Italy, Croatia and Greece as spawning sites in summer, is a special species that bird photographers want in their photo archives.

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