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Hooded Boots

Hooded Boots Hit the Ground…

When you enter Aydin, Efe of the Aegean a zeibek music plays remotely. Efe wears his garment and wears a needle-embroidered turban on his head. He puts on his hooded boots and hits his foot on the ground.

The land of the valiant Aydin is famous for his famous Efe hooded boots.

Hooded boots are one of the most important elements that complement the clothes of Efes and zeibeks. Making easy tor ide horses at Aegean and Mediterranean coasts where Yoruk culture dominates, completely made of animal products to absorb foot sweat in summer, prevent rheumatism and cold air in winter makes hooded boots indispensable. Handmade hooeded boots’s hoods made boots using completely natural products provide air circulation within the foot.


The masters of the Efe boots are also live in the land of the Efes.

On the outer part of the boots calf leather, on the inside goat leather, and for the soles leather used. The entire boot is made of natural material. Black, brown, yellow, burgundy color options are available.

Hooded boots construction is started by taking a personalized foot size. Firstly the skin is cut according to the foot size of the person and the mold is prepared. After preparing the mold, materials are called “bombey” on the nose part of the boot and “fort” on the heel part to harden the skin. The next step is to incense the boot in the gas furnace to remove wrinkles in the skin.

Nails are removed after taking the shape of the skin and drying it. After the bottom sole is prepared in leather, it is pulled in the knee iron and beaten and pressed, the assembly is completed on the bottom of the boot.

A piece of goat skin called “squeak” can be placed between these two soles. This piece makes a sound that feels giy trust to friend, fear to the enemy en when walking when the boot is completed and put on its feet. The heel is worn after the edges of the boot are smoothed with fireze.


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