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Madran Plateau

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Madran Mountain is the life source for Bozdogan. Madran Plateau, which is located in the eastern part of the district, is on the highest mountain of Madran which is the highest mountain of Aydin with 1792 meters. Madran Plateau is a common plateau of Cine, Yenipazar and Bozdogan districts.

Madran Mountain is with its plateau, sun, wind, forests, rich natural assets, healing herbs, world-famous water resources and mines are simply like the treasure of the region.

As you climb from the village of Madran to the plateau, you can watch the unique nature scenery to accompany you and see various plant and tree species.

The Madran Plateau offers incredible opportunities for hiking lovers which is also rich in eco-tourism.

When you reach the summit of Madran Mountain, you will see the Karincali Mountain, Aydın Mountains, Gokbel and Mentese Mountains more closely. You can also visit Madran Baba Tomb at the peak.


Madran Baba Tomb:

It is thought that an arrow hunter with a palace from Amasya Mahallesi was buried during the reign of Sultan Mehmet the Conqueror. As he was a good hunter, everyone in the palace respected him. The palace people of that period were writing wills. In his will, Archer Musa Aydin wrote that he wanted to be buried at the highest peak of Mount Madran, which is located between Bozdogan and Cine. In the direction of this will, Archer Musa Aydin was embalmed after his death and brought to Istanbul from Madran Mountain on horseback and buried. This grave is now visited as the Eren Tomb and for Madran Baba people cut vowes and pray.

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