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Nasuhpasa Complex

  /  Nasuhpasa Complex

It is located in the Koprulu, in the city center of Aydin. It consists of Madrasah, masjid inn / bath. It was built by Nasuh Pasha (1708). It was known as Osmanoglu due to Osman Pasha who is the founder of the complex. He served as Aydin tax officer, Damascus governor, Karaman governorate and then executed on suspicion of establishing an independent principality.

Only inscriptions on inn and madrasa gates from the buildings in the complex have survived to the present day. There is no date in the inscription of the madrasa, while the inscription of the inn is written Hijri 1120 (Gregorian 1708). The same date is also present in the foundation of the complex and there is no information about its architect. The inn is now used as a restaurant and hotel which is a group of inns with inner garden in the Ottoman period, while the madrasah section is used as a dormitory.

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