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Symbol of Elegance Needle Lace

It is known as “Turkish lace” in the world literature.. Sometimes you can see the needle lace on an epiphany and sometimes on the writing of the new bride. The message of elegance and elegance is reserved. The beautiful needle lace of Anatolia still comes to life in Aydin which has traditionally planted its territory.

From 16th century to the present day the needle lace which is increasing in value is among the cultural values of Aydin. It differs from two-dimensional lace with its three-dimensional structure and being an ornament in itself. The material of needle laces is generally silk.

In the past, the needle embroidery embellishes the headgear on the clothes of the efes which is used as an aesthetic element and a message of delicacy that completes the imposing stance of the Efes. Needle laces that require intensive labor have expanded in time; towels, tablecloths, lace sets and laces used in money pouches, dowry chest ” is a must”.


There is a message from Needle Lace

Devil’s leg, violet, eared pansy, nightingale saliva, tulip, namrun rose, weasel, mustache and Efe lace varieties that are interesting such as brooch, scarf, buckle, is used in many different areas such as kerchiefs.

Needle lace has an interesting mission; In the past, women in the villages showed their joy and sorrow with these and poured them into these laces. Needle lace worn by a woman in Anatolia when she is pregnant is different, when she loses her love is different, it is much different when you fall in love. For example, women wearing yellow carnation needlepoint expresses longing and sadness. A pink arbor with roses sent by the man’s family to the bride shows that she will be crowned. If the woman is offended by her husband she will wear black and red thread if her relationship with her husband is good.


250 years of needle lace

In the past, it was used to stiffen the lace and to keep it neat, horsehair and egg whites. Fixed in this way, the vote, even if waiting in the ballot box for years. Nowadays, using new methods, starch is fixed with gelatin.


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