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Sırtlanini Cave

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Sirtlanini Cave is located between the Yukarı Camarasi and Narligedik Village which is located in Karacasu district of Aydin. The cave is a 25-minute walk from Narligedik Village which is also close to the ancient city of Aphrodisias.

After passing through the narrow entrance gate of Sirtlanini Cave, you will be welcomed by a gallery in the form of an under ground museum of nature, 45 meters deep and 450 meters long. You can be enchanted by stalactites, stalagmites and columns that are formed as a result of the limestone embroidery embroidery of groundwater for hundreds of thousands of years.

The ceramic fragments in the cave near the entrance reveal traces of life from ancient times. As a result of the researches carried out by scientists, different living species were found in the cave. Therefore, Sirtlanini Cave is also important for biodiversity. Today the cave is a value that provides much benefit to our region in terms of tourism. Sirtlanini Cave is also waiting to embrace you which is visited by excursion groups who come to explore our region throughout the year.

The total length is 348 m. (Main Gallery: 147 m.) The deepest point of the cave is -32 m. It is a horizontal and dry cave. The hall is divided into 5-6 sections by columns that develop side by side and take the shape of a wall. All rooms are adorned with stalactites, stalagmites and columns. While the outside temperature is 28ºC, the relative humidity is 44 percent, the temperature inside the cave is 17ºC and the humidity is 85%.



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