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Uveys Pasa Mosque

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One of the three brothers who lived in Aydin and had their names written in history with mosques they built, the son of Kadi Muhiddin Efendi, Governor of Egypt, Uveys Pasha built the self titled mosque in 1568. Uveys Pasha Mosque is the oldest mosque in the city which is among the cultural values ​​of Aydin. Uveys Pasha Mosque has been standing upright with its hundreds of years of glory, despite the great disasters such as earthquakes and fires in the past which is located in the Koprulu Neighborhood of Efeler District. This historical monument was damaged in the great earthquake of 1899 and was repaired by Sokeli Architect Halil Pasha 3 years later. After being burned and destroyed during the Greek occupation it was restored in 1947. Uveys Pasha Mosque is a small single-domed mosque with a square plan in the courtyard. The dome sitting on the high pulley is covered with tiles. The last congregation place with four columns was covered with three domes with hedgehog fringes. There is an inscription on the entrance door. The mihrab and pulpit is not a remarkable decoration. It was probably destroyed by the decoration of the mosque during its burning. On the south side, the windows are striking. The place of the last congregation is covered with domes. The dome in the middle is passed by oyster shell shaped trumps, while the sides are covered with pendentives. The columns have a round body. To the north is the women’s quarter.



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